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Fortitude Valley Dentist Payment Plans

Payment Plans Available with Openpay

As part of our commitment to making our exceptional dental care affordable to all of our patients, our dentists are pleased to offer Openpay. You can use this convenient interest-free payment plan for a broad array of dental services up to $9,000. These include cosmetic, general, orthodontic and specialist dental care.

With this interest-free plan, you can spread payments over 15 months – making them every two weeks, using your credit card.

Signing up involves an easy application process and a minimal establishment fee.

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Think that Openpay is right for you? Visit their website for more information and to sign up. Book a convenient appointment at Fortitude Valley Dentist today!

Payment Plans Available with MediPay

At Fortitude Valley Dentist, we want our patients to always receive the care they need and deserve, which is why we’re proud to recommend MediPay for patients in need of payment plans to cover their treatment.

What is MediPay?

MediPay is a payment plan service that allows patients to apply easily online if they’re in need of a treatment. In just minutes, patients can find out whether or not they were approved. There is absolutely no cost to find out if you’re eligible-simply visit their website and fill out the required information. Payment plans through MediPay are affordable and have allowed many patients to receive dental treatments with us hassle free.

The best part about using MediPay? Everything is online for your convenience-that means no messy or confusing paperwork that can get lost in the shuffle of your busy lives.


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Get Approved Today

Ready to find out if MediPay is right for you? Visit the MediPay website today to discover your eligibility. We look forward to seeing you in our practice! Contact us!

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