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Orthodontics for Children

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Today about 80% of Australian children are growing up with crooked teeth. This is evidence of a craniofacial dystrophy (the poor development of the craniofacial structures). The craniofacial structures develop correctly only when the children have the four patterns for straight teeth:

  • Lips together at rest
  • The tongue resting in the roof of the mouth
  • Breathing through the nose (not the mouth!)
  • No lip or cheek movement on the subconscious swallow

Craniofacial dystrophy can be evident in the first years of life and can be treated at that age. It is best treated in the growing child.

The improvements in tooth position, jaw size, jaw relationship and the airway are a consequence of the improved craniofacial development.

Traditional orthodontic methods such as braces and extractions focus on moving teeth without regard for the underlying cause – it is not surprising that the vast majority of orthodontic treatment relapses without lifetime retention.

The poor muscle and breathing patterns that originally caused the teeth to become “crooked” put the teeth back into that position when the retainers are no longer worn. Most orthodontic patients stop wearing retainers and see their tooth position relapse.

Our team provide early intervention treatment options for children that improve the underlying cause of “crooked teeth” to attain stable results.

This is called Myobrace Therapy. It treats children while they are still growing in order to improve cranial and jaw development. Treatment involves correcting the poor oral habits that impact negatively on the development of the face, jaws and teeth, such as mouth breathing and swallowing incorrectly.

Mouth Breathing has a negative impact on your teeth and facial development
Dr John Flutter BDS (London), 2014 Breathing Conference
Karolinska Institute in Stockholm

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