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little-girl-flossingMedicare CDBS Accepted

We’re proud to participate in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule which provides Medicare-funded basic dental services to children between the ages of 2 and 17 years old. These services are capped at $1,052 over a two-year period.

When your child receives CDBS covered services at Fortitude Valley Dentist, we will bulk bill so that there is no out-of-pocket expense (providing your child has sufficient CDBS balance remaining at the time).


Services Offered

Following are some of the services covered by the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule:

  •  Dental check-ups and cleaning to prevent plaque build-up and screen for any oral health issues.
  •  Sealants on molars to prevent tooth decay.
  •  Fillings when a cavity is present.
  •  Fluoride treatments to ensure strong enamel.
  •  Exams and X-rays to monitor oral development and identify concerns while they’re still in the early stages.
  •  Root canals and extractions.

If your child is not eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule – we still offer great value on dental cleans for children aged 10 years and under at just $149 or $229 for all ages above including Adults! Click here for details.

When scheduling dental appointments our standard booking. Terms and conditions apply.

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To allow us to check your child’s eligibility and remaining balance for Medicare CDBS services please complete the below form and our friendly team will be in contact.

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