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Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Also known as the third molars found in the back of your mouth, wisdom teeth can sometimes cause discomfort and problems. Dentist Dr Asad Jamil, who is highly experienced in wisdom teeth removal, can let you know if extraction is advisable.

What to Expect

The Consultation

When you come in for a free consultation with Dr Jamil, he will assess the difficulty of the extraction and have X-rays taken. A special x-ray that shows the entire jaw is needed and is bulk billed by Medicare. You will be sent a request for it beforehand. Once he reviews the X-rays, he will let you know if your wisdom teeth can be removed in chair or if you need to be referred to a specialist. He will inform you of the possible advantages and disadvantages, costs and other details.

The Procedure

If you choose to have your wisdom teeth removed at Fortitude Valley Dentist, we will be sure you are numbed during the process, so the experience is as comfortable as possible. We provide Bluetooth headphones and feature a large TV on the ceiling so you can watch a movie during the procedure. Afterwards, post-operation instructions will be given.

The follow-up visit

A free review appointment will be scheduled in 3 weeks following the procedure. At this appointment, we will assess the extraction site to ensure healing is on track and provide any feedback that you may need.


What are some cases that removing wisdom teeth is recommended?

If half or a little bit of your wisdom tooth is poking through the gum but the rest stays inside chewing can become difficult. Food tends to lodge itself between the gum and the tooth, and there’s no possible way to clean that area. Over time that spot can get inflamed, causing pain and infection.

Or, if your wisdom teeth are erupting at an angle that’s putting pressure on other teeth, wisdom teeth removal will get rid of that problem and save the other tooth. Sometimes wisdom teeth are horizontally stuck or are completely in the bone; they can have cysts that form around it. In these cases, wisdom teeth should be removed.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Ideally, you should take a day or two off of work after the procedure as you will likely experience swelling on both sides of your face. If possible, consider having your wisdom teeth removed right before the weekend, so you have two days to recover.

Is wisdom teeth removal painful?

Generally no. We will ensure that your mouth is sufficiently numbed to prevent discomfort. If you have severe dental anxiety, we can provide nitrous oxide to help you relax.

How is your approach different from that of other dentists?

Dr Jamil spends considerable time with each patient, forming a rapport with them. He also provides patients with his phone number to call day or night. So if you have any issues or concerns following the procedure you will be able to contact him.

Why should I get my wisdom teeth removed at Fortitude Valley Dentist instead of a hospital?

Your dentist is very experienced with wisdom teeth removal and can perform the procedure for much less than it would cost at a hospital. Because we want to make sure our dental care is always affordable, we keep our rates for wisdom teeth removal competitive from 250-350 per tooth.

For the vast majority, the procedure can be performed in the chair under local anaesthetic. The cost of having wisdom teeth removed with a specialist in a hospital under general anaesthetic can range from $3,000 to $4,000.

Does insurance cover wisdom teeth removal?

Yes; how much is covered, however, depends on your insurance company’s level of cover. We can give you a quote the day of your initial consultation to let you know how much your insurance will pay. When you come in on the day of surgery, you will know what the charge is and what the gap will be.

I don’t have insurance. Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes; we offer My Smile Plan and MediPay, which allow you to finance your treatment affordably.

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