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Dr John FlutterTo help dentists and dental professionals understand the best way to ensure straight teeth for children, Dr John frequently offers a series of courses designed to highlight the skills necessary to achieve your patients desired results.

Straight teeth don’t grow by accident!

- Dr John

The best ways to ensure straight teeth are when:

  • The child’s lips are together at rest
  • There is no cheek or lip movement when subconsciously swallowing
  • The child is able to breathe through the nose and not the mouth
  • The tongue rests on the roof of the mouth.

To achieve these patterns, Dr John offers hands-on, live training sessions with real patients. These courses are ideal for dental practitioners looking for a practical approach to learning.

Courses regularly run at our Fortitude Valley practice and include:

Myobrace Therapy (One Day Course)

  • Acting as a pre-requisite to all additional courses, the Myobrace Therapy session is designed to help you gain a better understanding of the impact of soft tissue on dental and craniofacial development and discusses the relationship between malocclusion and breathing. Attendees will learn to identify oral habits and learn how to properly educate parents and patients as well as how to perform Myobrace analysis.

Postural Correction & Breathing Retraining (Two Day Course)

  • The postural correction and breathing-retraining course is designed to train orthodontists, dentists and their staff members on how to help their patients establish improved nasal breathing. For more than 15 years, Dr John as helped children breath easier through the nose. This hands on course combines a background in physiology and biochemistry with clinical application. After learning the techniques, you’ll be able to practice them on our patients. This truly is an essential skill for dentists who work with and want to help children!

Biobloc Stage 1 Appliance (Two Day Course)

  • This two day course covers the basic of the Biobloc appliance and how it’s used to increase the size of the upper arch to make additional room for the child’s tongue on the roof of the mouth. Dr John has been a proponent of the device for the past 25 years, using it in practice regularly to achieve the best outcome. The first morning is spent adjusting the Biobloc appliance before moving to observe real patients. By the end of the course, attendees will be able to design the appliance for permanent detention, mixed and primary. The course is recommended for therapists, orthodontists or dentists only.

The Farrell Bent Wire System (Two Day Course)

  • The bent wire appliance helps to develop the size of the lower or upper arch while allowing proper room for the tongue to function. This course is hands-on and allows attendees to obtain the wire bending skills necessary for success in treatment. There will also be an onsite session on trouble shooting. This course is ideal for therapists, orthodontists or dentists only.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (1 Day Course)

  • Must have previously taken the Myobrace Therapy one-day course to participate. This course is typically held the following day. In this session, attendees will focus on diagnosis, assessment and treatment planning while learning to recognize treatment categories and the necessary knowledge to establish a proper consult process. Various case studies will be discussed and diagnosed before moving to live examinations over a three-hour training session. Each attendee will receive a USB drive with a template spreadsheet designed to conduct exams with patients. Dentists, Orthodontists and Therapists or assistants are welcome to attend.

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