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Fortitude Valley Orthodontics Options
For Children

Early Intervention Orthodontics for Children

Orthodontics Options for Children Fortitude ValleyA lifelong dedication to healthy teeth starts in childhood and at Fortitude Valley Dentist we want our patients to be proud of their smile from the very start. To help your child achieve the best oral health and orthotic outcomes later in life begin their smile journey as young as possible. We can begin to provide early intervention orthodontic treatments from about five years of age. The highly experienced dentists at Fortitude Valley Dentist can help your child achieve straighter teeth and a healthy mouth through our various orthodontic options:

Early Intervention

Early orthodontic treatments may reduce the cost and complexity of orthodontic treatments required later in adolescence and later in life. We recommend you bring your child in when they are around 5 years old. The highly experienced dentists at Fortitude Valley Dentist will perform an initial consultation and comprehensive orthodontic assessment in order to assess your child’s dental development. We have found that children can respond very well to early intervention orthodontic treatment because their developmental stage lends to orthodontic manipulation and positioning.

Early orthodontic treatment for children can reduce the need for surgery or extensive orthodontic treatments as your child ages. Early orthodontic treatment for children can resolve issues relating to width of dental arches (upper and lower), reducing likelihood of impacted teeth and reducing the need for tooth removal. If you have noticed that your child has experienced premature loss of baby teeth, are concerned with prolonged thumb-sucking or jaw misalignment, we recommend that you contact us for more advice.


Appropriate for patients of all ages, Myobrace is an effective way to straighten the teeth and jaws. More affordable than traditional braces, this orthodontic method addresses inadequate oral habits that are often the cause of crooked teeth.

Not sure which choice is right for your child? Book a consultation today. Your Fortitude Valley dentist will help you decide which orthodontic option is best suited to your families smile needs!


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