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Course Descriptions

Myobrace Therapy, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning Course (3 Days)

The Myobrace Therapy course allows Dentists and staff to acquire an understanding of the influence of the soft tissues and breathing on craniofacial development and the occlusion. Learn to perform soft tissue analysis, identify and treat poor oral habits and provide patient education. Review the necessary programmes in place to ensure patient compliance and successful treatment outcomes.

This course is ideally undertaken by a Dentist and their Assistant who will become a Myobrace Educator at the clinic. The Myobrace Educator will assist the Dentist during the orthodontic examinations as part of the practical training session. Dr David Betar strongly encourages Dentists to bring an assistant along for the course.

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The course will include 2x two hour Practical training sessions with patients, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. This will involve children that are current patients who volunteer to be a part of the training sessions. Each child receives a Gift Voucher in return for participating. For this course, we aim to select a group of newer patients in the programme.

Some components of the course will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Identify poor oral habits and perform a soft tissue analysis
  • Provide patient education and deliver initial consultations (practical training, best undertaken by your Assistant)
  • Establish a consultation process (consult, examination/ records, case presentation)
  • Discuss and diagnose various cases (you will also be able to bring your own cases along!)
  • Conduct pre-orthodontic examinations on patients (practical training)
  • Review and compare patient diagnosis to prepare treatment plans

Participants will be using a hardcopy Diagnosis Form for collecting the relevant information during the practical training examinations.

Each participant will receive an excel template version which has been designed for conducting examinations. The information collected from each field is automatically merged into a printable document that can be used in your own practice as an official diagnosis/ treatment plan.

Each Dentist will be entitled to submit 2x FREE cases after completion of the course for Case Mentoring advice with Dr David Betar and Dr Asad Jamil.

This course is suitable for Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral Health Therapists, Hygienists, Assistants & other members of staff.

Please refer to the Course Schedule to download registration forms.

Dual Arch Expansion with The Farrell Bent Wire System & Biobloc Stage 1 (3 Days)

The DUAL Arch Expansion course combines one day of theory and wire bending techniques, followed by two full days of hands-on experience (with patients) fitting and adjusting Bent Wire System and Biobloc stage 1 appliances. You will have the opportunity to perform the adjustments and fittings yourself under the direct guidance of Dr David Betar and Dr Asad Jamil.

On the first day we will practice various techniques for adjusting these appliances. There are several Biobloc stage 1 adjustments to make each month and we will practice them all. There will be a session on trouble shooting and appliance design. We will practice wire bending skills and construct Bent Wire System appliances on working models.

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The course will be for Dentists and Orthodontists only. Dental Assistants can attend for observation purposes only at a rate of $300 each. Assistants will have an overview of setting up, assisting for BB1/BWS as well as other procedures such as giving oral hygiene instruction for new appliance fittings and taking intra-oral photo records.

This is an essential skill for those dentists who want to go on to use Dr Mew’s stage 3 appliance or those who wish to use the Bent Wire System in conjunction with Myobrace Therapy.

Due to the hands-on nature of this course we can only accept six Dentists per course.

Each Dentist will be entitled to submit 2x FREE cases after completion of the course for Case Mentoring advice with Dr David Betar and Dr Asad Jamil.

The Biobloc Stage 1

The Biobloc Stage 1 appliance was developed by Dr John Mew and has been used successfully for over 30 years. The Biobloc Stage 1 is used to increase the size of the upper arch to make room for the tongue in the minimum time, with minimum trauma.

The Biobloc Stage 1 uses Crozat cribs to hold the appliance in place. This special cribbing is needed to hold the plate in place 24 hours a day to allow for ‘semi-rapid’ expansion – this is approximately 1mm of arch expansion a week, a rate that will neither tip buccal teeth nor damage the midline suture. They do require practice in adjusting the appliances in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

By the end of the course you will be able to design a Biobloc stage 1 appliance for primary, mixed and permanent dentition. You will be able to adjust the appliance throughout its use and be able to identify those cases that need this appliance. You will also be able to identify and rectify the occasional problems that arise.

Hands-on experience will be gained during our practical training sessions which involve adjusting appliances under the guidance of Dr David Betar and Dr Asad Jamil.

The Farrell Bent Wire System

The Bent Wire System was developed by Dr Chris Farrell and is used to develop the size of the upper or lower arch without occupying tongue space in the palate. This allows the tongue to rest and function in the palate at the same time.

Dr David Betar uses this appliance in the late mixed and early permanent dentition, in conjunction with the Myobrace to correct moderate malocclusions.

We will have a session on trouble shooting as well as appliance design. We will work on mastering wire bending skills before constructing Bent Wire System appliances on working models. This is a hands-on wire bending course and you will have the opportunity to see patients during the practical training sessions to fit/ adjust these appliances under the guidance of Dr David Betar and Dr Asad Jamil.

The Postural Correction & Breathing Retraining Course (2 Days)

We have developed a programme that can be delivered to children in groups to help them learn to breathe through the nose. The purpose of the Postural Correction and Breathing Retraining course is to train the Dentist and staff to introduce and deliver this programme at their own practice. This is an essential skill for those dentists who want to help children establish nasal breathing in order to maintain stability after orthodontic treatment and Myobrace Therapy.

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The course theory combines physiology, biochemistry and the clinical application of the programme. Practical training involves working with groups of children to assess and monitor their breathing using a Capno Trainer (Biofeedback technology). You will teach the children various breathing exercises which will promote the optimal levels of CO2 in the blood, reset the breathing rate to the ideal range and help to re-establish nasal breathing.

This course will prepare your team to deliver the programme to patients. Much of the delivery can be done by a trained assistant so we highly recommend and encourage assistants to attend this course.

This course is hands-on. Once the techniques have been practiced with your team of staff you will be able to practice these new skills with children during the practical session.

Breathing Retraining offers a world of health benefits that go far beyond “straight teeth”.

Course session dates will become available shortly and will be held in 2023.

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